Accurate & Powerful. A Formidable Match for Demolition Ranch.

Recently, we had seven of our firearms featured on Matt Carriker’s YouTube channel, Demolition Ranch. We know our firearms are accurate, powerful and reliable, but it’s always fun to see what they can do when pitted against some of the toughest materials on earth. 

In the episode, Matt fires a mix of our favorites into an up-armored Humvee windshield. Three inches of bulletproof glass is tough to say the least. It took the whole collection and an RFB18 loaded with an API round to break through the stuff. Let’s just say that we’re happy this glass stands between our troops and enemy forces.  

He works his way through some of our most popular firearms and each does its own amount of damage. Our guns are versatile and made for accuracy, firepower and most importantly, the excitement you get while shooting.  

About the Featured Firearms


Although it's a versatile design, the CP33 was made for competition shooting. It’s chambered in .22LR and was designed for accuracy. This pistol packs a punch - and a lot of them. With a quad stack magazine, this firearm holds 33 rounds of .22LR no problem. It can’t shoot through Humvee glass, but it will impress you at the range. 


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The PMR30 defines handgun firepower. Chambered for .22WMR, this pistol holds 30 rounds of ammunition and is where lightweight meets heavy duty. It’s only 14oz unloaded and is an extremely accurate gun whether you’re on the range, on the trail or securing your home. 


The Sub2000 is our semi automatic folding carbine chambered in either 9mm or .40cal. The 16 inch barrel provides both accuracy and power, while its versatility accepts most popular handgun magazines. Not only that, this lightweight (4.25lbs unloaded), compact carbine can be easily strapped to a backpack for the trail and is ideal in areas where space is limited.  


The SU16C is our most compact sport utility rifle. Gas-piston operation means this rifle is as reliable as it is accurate. It’s also unique because it operates flawlessly when its stock is in the folded position. It’s the 5.56 rifle you can take with you everywhere at 4.7lbs.


We don’t call it the shotgun equivalence of Godzilla for nothing. This reliable shotgun boasts a 10+10+1 with 3” shells or 12+12+1 capacity with 2-3/4” shells. Yes, the KSG25 looks cool, but it’s also a bullpup, which means even with a 30.5” barrel, it’s shorter than most tactical shotguns and the spent brass ejects from the bottom. The firepower is incomparable. Did you see what happened when Matt shot that .50 bmg tracer round? Ouch.  


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RDB Survival

The 5.56 RDB Survival put a hurting on that Humvee glass and that’s because this downward-ejecting bullpup redefined the category. Smooth trigger pull technology offers a nice take-up and a clean break. When paired with a 1:7 twist, 16” barrel and adjustable gas system, this rifle is small, accurate and everything a marksman deserves. 


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The RFB18 did the most damage on Demolition Ranch. This 7.62 fueled, forward-ejecting bullpup is perfect for competitions, hunting or just a day on the range. It’s powerful, accurate and even offers a smooth, 5lb trigger pull. We’d also like to mention that the adjustable gas system enables you to curb recoil while maintaining reliability and ammunition versatility. 

Each of these firearms are unique in their own right and extremely versatile. They’re perfect if you’re wanting to add reliable, accurate firepower to your collection. If you haven’t seen the Demolition Ranch video, go check it out now and let us know what you think!

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