All About Sport Shooting

Sport shooting is what the shooting world refers to as several different types of competitive and recreational sporting activities that combine tests of accuracy, precision, and speed in shooting. You may have heard of bullseye shooting, field shooting, clay targets, running targets, benchrest or skeet. These are just a few examples of sport shooting.

Even someone new to firearms can benefit from attending a competition shoot. You’ll get to see a variety of firearms in action and have a chance to talk to many different people about their technique and favorite firearms. The shooting community is a welcoming community, too, so don’t be afraid to attend a sport shooting event for the first time.

Sport Shooting Is for Every Shooter

Sport shooting doesn’t have to be intimidating to the new shooter. On the contrary, it is an excellent way to hone your shooting skills without taking part in tactical training. Tactical training, like the training done by the military and law enforcement, can be much more intimidating.

Sport shooting, on the other hand, is done with a much more relaxed mindset. Sport shooting is mostly about having a good time while developing your shooting skills. In our mind, there is no better way to practice gun safety, improve your accuracy and precision, and develop lightning-fast speed with your firearm.

Competitions Take Place Across the Country

There are sport shooting competitions taking place all over the country. It is easy to do your own research to find out where there are shooting competitions in your area.

Visit a local gun store to inquire about competitions nearby. If you don’t have a gun store nearby, contact your local law enforcement agency, range, or even the NRA website to find a competition near you. You can also search through online forums to find competitions nearby. If you can’t find anything, just ask! You likely won’t have to travel far from home to find a sport shooting event.

Different Types of Sport Shooting Competitions Depending on Your Skill Level

Sport shooting events do have something for every type of shooter. So whether you have a handgun or a long-range rifle, there is a sport shooting event designed for your weapon.

There are all sorts of disciplines of competition, from bullseye shooting all the way through to three gun competitions. Bullseye shooting places importance on precision and accuracy. Honing this skill will require breath and trigger control. Bullseye shooting is excellent for beginners because it allows you to work on the fundamentals of marksmanship. It is also an Olympic sport, taking place during the Summer Games every four years.

Clay targets and using shotguns are another common form of sport shooting. This form of sport shooting uses clay targets thrown from machines called traps. It can be called wither skeet or trap/double trap depending on the number of targets and their distance from each other or the shooter. Clay target shooting is also an Olympic shooting event.

There are also competitions adapted for competitors with disabilities. Para shooting events allow people of all abilities to compete. Paralympic shooting is recognized as an Olympic sport by the International Paralympic Committee as well.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Involved in Sport Shooting

Although it might sound intimidating, don’t let the thought of sport shooting competitions keep you away from this fun activity. You can always go to a competition to just check it out. You don’t have to shoot the first time you go to a competition. Think of it as a learning experience! You’ll meet other firearm enthusiasts and you might learn valuable skills at the same time.

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