The Best Drills for Self Defense

When it comes to owning and operating a firearm, nothing is more important than safety and preparedness. Becoming a gun owner means accepting the responsibility of using firearms wisely and continuously honing one’s skills. Particularly when using a gun for self-defense, there are a number of drills that can help improve the owner’s response time and consistency while prioritizing safety. As a leader in American firearm manufacturing, KelTec is proud to offer the following tips for practicing safe, effective drills for self-defense.

Dry-Fire Practice

Dry-fire practice is one of the best ways for gun owners to safely improve their draw and response time. As its name suggests, dry-fire practice does not involve any ammunition. Its primary goals are establishing consistency and muscle memory while drawing and aiming the firearm. The first step in dry-fire practice is making sure that there is NO AMMUNITION in the firearm or in the vicinity. Then, pick a small target for aiming purposes, something that is in a safe direction. Many professional shooters put one or multiple small practice targets on a brick wall in their garage.

Because dry-fire practice is designed to enhance gun owners’ preparedness, consistency is key. Practicing every day, even for 15 minutes, can significantly improve one’s draw speed, consistency, and reaction time. One of the best things about dry-fire practicing is that it’s free! This training can even take place in the comfort of one’s own home, given that critical safety precautions have been implemented.

Range Time

While dry-fire practice is a terrific way to get more comfortable handling a firearm, nothing can replace range time. Training with your firearm on a live range is imperative to becoming proficient and competent with your defensive tool. Dry-fire practice teaches gun owners how to go through the motions of shooting while establishing muscle AdobeStock_367317055memory, but live range practice incorporates the stress factor that dry-fire practice lacks. For training that mimics the motions of real-life scenarios, opt for an outdoor range that allows non-static shooting, particularly in a class setting. These environments make training even more realistic, thanks to timers, scores and dynamic movement and the stress that they can induce.

When practicing at a live range, it can be extremely helpful to work with a range officer or a training partner. Having another set of eyes on your form, draw and firearm operation can give you an outside perspective on what you need to improve. Someone else can also recognize what you’re doing well and even provide helpful pointers or tips that you may not have considered.

Assimilation Training

To gain even more hands-on experience, gun owners can also seek out assimilation training. Assimilation training emulates real-life scenarios that a gun owner might experience in a number of environments. Not all gun ranges offer assimilation training, but it is especially helpful for members of law enforcement. That being said, it’s essential to train with the platforms that will be used in any given scenario, whether it’s a rifle, a handgun or a different type of weapon utilized for personal protection in the home, office, vehicle or public space.

Outdoor and Vehicle Defense

Last but not least, gun owners can seek training that applies to their specific needs, whether it be outdoor defense or vehicle defense. It’s crucial to become familiar with the firearm that you will be using, based on your situation. For example, when hiking and backpacking, gun owners may want to carry a long gun for wildlife protection purposes. On the other hand, drivers may be seeking more in-depth training about vehicle defense. While vehicle defense continues to be a very important topic, it is not easy to train for. Contact a local range that offers vehicle defense training to learn more.

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