How Do I Know If I'm Choosing The Right Gun

Choosing the right gun can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are new to firearms. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. There is so much information on the internet and so many opinions on the subject. We want you to make the right choice for you to meet your needs.

Start by answering these three questions:

-What purpose is this firearm going to serve?

-Which caliber best suits that purpose?

-What platform am I comfortable and most efficient with?

The answers to these questions will help you better understand what you need.

Factors To Consider

After answering the above three questions, you will be able to determine which firearm specifically meets your needs. Additional factors help narrow things down. Say, for example, you need something for personal protection in public (concealed carry). A handgun is the primary platform for this. At the same time, different platforms can be adapted and used for different applications.

It’s common for many concealed carry sheepdogs to have a rifle or shotgun in the home defense role rather than utilizing their everyday carry pistol. Neighbor proximity, property size, and even landscape can determine which caliber, ammunition type, and platform is best for home defense. 

If sport shooting, hunting, or plinking at the range is your intended purpose, then the world is your oyster as long as whatever you choose is a firearm that’s easy for you to safely and comfortably operate.   

Here are some guidelines:

Home/Personal Defense

A shotgun or pistol is usually the best option. Shotguns are ideal for close-range encounters, while pistols are generally easier to handle in tight spaces such as vehicles or narrow doorways.

Hunting or Target Shooting

Rifles are typically the best choice. They offer greater accuracy at longer distances than shotguns or pistols and come chambered in a wide variety of calibers suitable for precision and hunting.

Concealed Carry

A compact pistol is the way to go. Look for one that is easy to conceal, yet still comfortable and safe to shoot for your level of experience.

Find The Right Gun For You

Before making a purchase, do your research. Read about the features and determine what will best fit your needs.We highly recommend you consult with an experienced, licensed instructor for additional advice. At KelTec, we offer a wide range of firearms to fit any purpose or budget. No matter which gun you choose, it's important to prioritize safety and responsible gun ownership. Make sure you get professional training on the safe handling and storage of your firearms. 

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