Cleaning tips: Pistol vs Rifle vs Shotgun

Cleaning firearms is crucial to maintaining their longevity and reliability. The only differentiating cleaning factor between a pistol, rifle, and shotgun is the size and/or amount of your cleaning equipment.

The Tools

Between a pistol and rifle, there can be some crossover when cleaning. For instance, the bore brushes and mops used for 9mm handguns can also be used for 30 caliber rifle barrels. 

But always remember that you want the proper cleaning equipment, solvents, and lubrication. The Lucas Oil Outdoor Line is an excellent place to get gun treatments. Otis Technologies makes some of the best, complete cleaning kits on the market.

The Materials 

It’s very important to know the materials your guns are made from and which cleaning supplies apply to each one. A carbon cleaner typically used on polymer grip or stock guns is not the appropriate solvent for cleaning firearms with wooden grips or stocks. Those types of solvents can ruin the finish on those components and potentially add costly repairs.        

Always consult information from the firearm’s manufacturer before cleaning and maintenance. A little research can go a long way in making your guns last longer and keep them reliable. 

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