For Fashion and Safety: Firearm Apparel and Gear

Handling firearms comes with significant risks; these risks occur on several levels. Owners risk injuries from weapons mishandling, hearing loss and even burns. Because of these risks, it is common to see shooting ranges impose strict safety standards, sometimes in the form of gear and clothing requirements, before shooters can use their facilities. Other times, like hunting, safety is still the number one priority, but fashion doesn’t have to be disregarded. Thus, an opportunity for fashion into the firearm industry presents itself.

Whatever the setting is, firearm apparel can have dual purposes - safety and fashion. Here are some insights into the little-discussed cross-section of guns, safety, and fashion.

KelTec’s Entry Into the Fashion Industry

KelTec’s journey into the fashion industry, although beginning recently, intends to enhance the way gun owners hit the range or what they wear hunting. Traditional clothing manufacturers do not consider comfort and tastes for gun-related recreational activities. Even if they did, the details would not be on the same level as America’s foremost firearm manufacturer.

KelTec T-Shirts

The primary design language of KelTec clothing is simplicity and comfort. Tags can be irritating and present some form of discomfort during movements. For some, it is tolerable, but others the sudden irritation and distraction can potentially be dangerous, especially for nervous, new shooters. KelTec tees and jackets feature tearaway labels, which offers the ideal solution to preventing such irritation and distractions.

Safety Eyewear

Hot, empty brass, ricocheted bullet fragments and other debris are always potential dangers to your eyes while recreational shooting and training. To prevent eye injuries, wear safety glasses that are strong, comfortable and made for such impacts.

KelTec safety glasses are the most comfortable safety glasses you can find on the market. They wrap just around the face to prevent dangerous debris from creeping in through open spaces on the sides. The rimless edge makes them fashionably and tactically adaptive. KelTec safety glasses give gun lovers a new experience of enhanced clarity and contrast, thanks to scratch-resistant lenses.

Shooting ranges require shooters to use safety eyewear, so why not show up with a pair that speaks fashion and expertise? KelTec glasses meet all the requirements for safety eyewear used at shooting ranges.

KelTec Hats

KelTec hats offer style, comfort and sun protection. If worn properly, a KelTec hat also provides protection from hot brass from burning or cutting your forehead and the bill can prevent ejected brass from getting between your eyes and your safety glasses.

Ear Muffs

Environmental and situational awareness while having a great time at the range is necessary. It’s vital that you protect your sense of hearing while live firing. Shooters are susceptible to hearing-related disabilities due to prolonged gunfire without proper ear protection. Wear ear muffs to the shooting range for better concentration and prevent acute hearing issues.

Inner ear injuries can affect your balance, concentration, sleep quality and even your quality of life. We advise that you use foams and ear muffs for added protection. There’s no such thing as being too safe when it comes to your health, so I also recommend ear plugs under your ear muffs for added protection. I should also mention that the KelTec Range Hat has no top button, making it ideal for over-the-ear hearing protection comfort.

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