Gun Safety During Gatherings

Gatherings with friends and family means extra precautions need to be taken for firearm safety. Whether it's birthdays, holidays, or just a weekend barbeque, safety must always be the number one priority. There are various other scenarios ranging from gifting firearms to inviting friends and family to your house, which come with extra responsibility as well. Never lose sight of your number one priority. 


The most important focus during family gatherings for every gun owner must be safety. 


Extra safety steps make a big difference in the security and preparedness of the home. Don't allow complacency to replace safety for you and your family. There are some common scenarios that present themselves during get togethers that you need to be prepared to address.

General Storage

Always have firearms properly stored when not being carried for protection. Both proper storage and the ability for your own quick access are important aspects. This keeps the guns away from other people while remaining available in the case that unfortunate circumstances arise. 


A biometric safe is a fantastic way to keep guns locked up while you can still have quick access if you need them. There are a number of reputable companies that make great biometric safes.

Family Gatherings and Travel

Whether you’re hosting a small get together or a large party with out of town visitors, using a gun safe is crucial to the safety of your home. When hosting family and friends, there are typically people with little to no experience with firearms throughout your home. A gun safe helps ensure that unauthorized access to your guns is not possible. 


Are you going on a vacation and leaving your firearms at home? All the same rules and guidelines apply. Keep guns locked in a safe that is secured to your home and impossible for intruders and thieves to remove.

Gifting A Firearm

A gift card is the absolute best way to gift a firearm. This is especially true if you are unsure of the best fit for the person you’re buying for. Owning a firearm is a very personal experience. Different people are comfortable with different guns. Just like people, guns come in various shapes and sizes. When the recipient uses a gift card, they can find what is right for them. They can seek advice and gain experience with different firearms before deciding. 


In the case you know exactly what they want, a gift card still has benefits when gifting a brand new firearm. ATF paperwork is required to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer and it typically costs money to process. Instead of paying twice for that service, have the dealer add that cost to the gift card so that the person receiving the gift can have their new gun paperwork in their name, free of charge. 


If you do end up giving them the actual firearm itself, be sure it is clear of any ammunition and keep it in the safe until you’re ready to present it. 

Safety Is Your Top Priority

No matter the occasion, never let safety slip your mind. It is the responsibility of gun owners to take every safety measure. Remember to always keep firearms in a safe when not in use. Think of all the aspects when gifting a firearm. Always create a strong foundation of knowledge for new firearm owners by making sure they have the ample training and practice.

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