KelTec Spotlight: CMR30

Since 1995, KelTec has been providing innovative firearms to gun enthusiasts around the world. Though we began our foray into the firearms market exclusively with semi-automatic pistols, we currently offer pistols as well as a wide variety of rifles and shotguns.

One such rifle is the CMR30. CMR is short for Carbine Magnum Rimfire. On the market since 2014, the KelTec CMR30 is the carbine version of our PMR30 pistol, introduced to the public in 2011. Both of these firearms are redesigns of George’s Grendel designs, the P30 and R31. We brought the CMR30 and PMR30 to the market, combining quality designs with innovation and accessibility.

History of the CMR30

The PMR30 was born out of the P30, which came out in 1990. The Grendel R31, from 1991, was the carbine version of the P30 and the predecessor to the CMR30. Both the R31 and the P30 were being produced until Grendel closed its doors in 1994, then KelTec was born.

KelTec was able to build on these short-lived designs from Grendel and created the PMR30 and the CMR30. While the PMR30 debuted first, KelTec always had plans to release a rifle version of the firearm. The CMR30 shares some of the features and handling characteristics of the PMR30 in a different format.

Features of the CMR30

The CMR30 is a semi-automatic carbine with a collapsible stock. Ready for action right out of the box. This .22 magnum carbine is fitted with a 16-inch, threaded barrel and weighs in at a near 3.8lbs. Despite its light weight, the CMR30 packs a lot of features into a compact package.

Capable of holding 30 rounds of .22 WMR in a flush-fit magazine, the multi-position stock is fully collapsible, making this firearm both portable and capable of delivering a lot of firepower in a manageable frame. When collapsed, the overall length is only 22.5 inches. In addition, the stock is adjustable in incremental positions, making the firearm accessible to many body shapes and sizes.

The CMR30 is a blowback action carbine, making it excellent for suppressor use. The firearm comes complete with a set of folding sights, ambidextrous safety and non-reciprocating charging handles. The single-action trigger and 5lb break assist with excellent accuracy.

Examining the firearm closely, you’ll find attention to detail with Picatinny-style rails built into the aluminum chassis on both the top and bottom for a variety of accessories. The firearm also features single point sling loops in the rear.

Versatility of the CMR30

The CMR30 is truly a versatile firearm, utilizing the same magazines as the PMR30. This utility carbine is the perfect choice for varmint hunting because of its accuracy. The CMR30 is also the natural choice for target shooting and practicing fundamentals, giving its well-deserved reputation as an excellent training rifle for shooters of all stature and abilities.

The soft recoil and low muzzle blast make the CMR30 a fun firearm for beginners at the range. Multiple accessories like laser sights, magazine loaders and variable powered optics only add to the versatility of the firearm. The CMR30 is best fielded for recreation, but can be used in a personal defense role.

You can find the CMR30 and all available accessories on our website. At KelTec, we are fully committed to creating a safe and educational environment for all gun owners. Offering everything from handguns to rifles, shotguns and accessories, KelTec has been recognized as a trusted name in firearms for decades.

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