KelTec Spotlight: CP33

The CP33 (Competition Pistol) was designed with bullseye shooting in mind. However, this pistol offers so many features not offered by other .22lr pistols. It can be used for just about anything. Customers from all over the country send us pictures and videos of their CP33 and the different ways they set it up. We see everything from families shooting their CP33 at the range right out of the box to tactical training scenarios using braced and suppressed CP33’s with a red dot optic and quality weapon-mounted light. Whatever your purpose is, it is sure to be a useful tool. 

Features - Not Your Average .22

As far as we know, 33 rounds is the highest capacity in a standard, factory, flush-fit magazine on the market. A typical .22lr pistol holds about 10 rounds in a standard magazine. The CP33 is not a compact handgun by any means. 23 rounds of extra ammunition is pretty significant when it comes to plinking, hunting small game, and even personal defense. 

  • MSRP is only $495
  •  33 round capacity
  • Ambidextrous
  • Impressive 9” sight radius and Hi-Viz fiber optic sights, front and rear. 
  • Quad Stack 33 (Magazine holds 4 rows of .22lr)
  • Picatinny-style top rail
  • MAGPUL® ‎M-LOK® slot built into the dust cover

Take Care Of It So It Takes Care Of You

In previous blogs we’ve talked about firearms being tools. Every tool needs to be properly maintained and the CP33 is no different. .22lr ammunition is pretty dirty so we recommend thoroughly cleaning your pistol after each use. The disassembly and reassembly of the CP33 is very easy, you won’t have the headache of trying to remember how to field strip it and reassemble it. No tools are necessary for the process. We recommend using a high-quality cleaning gun solvent and oil. Lucas Oil products are a great choice but there are several great options out there.

Find The Keltec Pistol That Fits You

The CP33 has superior magazine capacity, dependable accuracy, and versatility that makes it practical and fun in a lot of scenarios. A low MSRP and an AWESOME trigger make this pistol a fun and economical choice. Train, plink, and repeat with a Keltec firearm.

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