KelTec Spotlight: P17

Most .22 pistols are target pistols that hold 10 rounds. They are heavy and purpose driven. KelTec recognized the need for a lightweight pistol that would be perfect for both new and experienced shooters. The P17 was introduced in 2020 and quickly became a favorite to many. It mimics the size of a compact concealed carry handgun; for new shooters, it’s nice to have a .22 in a traditional sized platform. 

Simple, Affordable, Reliable

This 17-round, compact .22LR pistol is popular among both new and experienced shooters. Experienced shooters will find its simple reliability a huge advantage. It is chambered for .22 long rifle ammunition, which is relatively inexpensive…another reason why the P17 is such a fantastic training pistol. With an MSRP of $199 and a weight of 0.7 pounds, this is an inexpensive pistol well worth integrating into your firearm collection. 


The P17 focuses on safety and good shooting practices. Whether you’re learning to shoot your first firearm or you want a conceal carry option that is simple and reliable, it is hard to rival the P17.


This pistol is stacked with so many features and  “more bells & whistles than a Christmas Day parade”.


-Very little recoil

-Very simple to clean

-Adjustable and accurate sites

-3 magazines (17 rounds in each)

-An external thumb safety

-Threaded barrel ready for a suppressor

-Picatinny-style accessory rail 

Excellent For New Shooters

Please note: no beginner should go blindly into shooting without proper training. Finding resources like professional instructors at ranges will equip those new to firearms with proper gun safety and usage.


A huge factor for anyone new to firearms is intimidation. They might have experienced larger calibers with hand or shoulder-bruising recoil. Worries like dropping a gun or even accidentally firing it (we’ve all seen those videos online) can keep many inexperienced people hesitant about attempting a trip to the range.


The P17 is not intimidating for beginners because of its lightweight, minimal recoil, and low operation cost compared to other calibers. Learning on a pistol like this creates good shooting habits; it takes some of the focus from the intimidation so that the shooter can focus on learning and developing their knowledge, confidence and good safety habits.


Hone Skills With KelTec

The P17 is compact, accurate, and versatile. Gun enthusiasts of all experience levels will appreciate how many features are packed into one small package. Low cost and reliability make this such a great option. A day at the range with this won’t break the bank and cleaning this pistol afterward is a breeze. Hone your skills or learn new ones with a KelTec firearm by your side.

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