KelTec Spotlight: PMR30

Here at KelTec, we pride ourselves in creating top-tier, exceptional firearms for our customers. Today we’re sharing the details on the flagship model PMR30. This fun, unique, and powerful pistol is regarded as our heavy-duty lightweight firearm that packs a punch… but it’s user-friendly for any gun enthusiast! Its sleek design and high praise make the PMR30 stand out as one of the most innovative handguns to date. 

The History of the PMR30

KelTec’s Chief Design Engineer, Tobias Ombermeit began crafting the vision for the PMR30 in 2008. His idea was to create a .22WMR pistol that could hold 30 rounds in a flush-fit magazine that was based on a futuristic design. It was released only two years after its inception.

Our company had always planned on doing pistol and carbine versions; the PMR30 was born.

Both the predecessor to the PMR30 (the P30) and the PMR30 itself are redesigns of George Kellgren’s Grendel designs that were introduced in the 1990s. The Grendel R31 was the carbine version of the P30 and was released in 1991. Both the R31 and P30 were short-lived compared to the KelTec PMR30 and CMR30. The R31 and P30 were being produced up until Grendel closed its doors and KelTec was born.

Features of the PMR30 

The PMR30 is known for its svelte design that defines handgun power with a 30-round .22 Magnum capacity. It holds 30 rounds in a flush-fit magazine, making it the only .22 magnum semi-automatic 30-round pistol on the market. It’s perfect for backpacking, camping, and range day plinking. With its fiber-optic front and rear sights, the PMR30 offers excellent target acquisition right out of the box. For those dark rooms and low light scenarios, the accessory rail can also be mounted with a weapon light. All of the features contribute to its accuracy. This includes the Hi-Vis sights, 4.4′′ barrel, an excellent trigger, and the option to mount an optic. The PMR30 will deliver if you focus on the fundamentals.

One of the biggest selling points of the PMR30 is its trigger. With an unloaded weight of 14oz, this pistol is exceptionally light, offers thumb safety on both sides, and it’s even left-hand friendly, making it the perfect ambidextrous firearm!

The magazine catch and release on the PMR30 is of European style, and the sights are fantastic on this pistol. The rear sights are fixed with an adjustable front and all sights are Hi-Viz fiber optics. Additionally, you can also find excellent options for mounting a red dot on our website.

Who Should Consider the PMR30?

What we particularly enjoy about the PMR30 at KelTec is how versatile it is. While it’s a great option for varmint hunting or rodent control, it's most commonly used for recreation — like bullseye shooting or family fun at the range. The high firepower, light weight and features make it versatile for any shooter. The PMR30 also has many accessories options, which is yet another reason why it’s so popular among gun enthusiasts.

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