KelTec Spotlight: RDB

At KelTec, we have always endeavored to give gun enthusiasts the ultimate satisfaction with practically designed, high-quality firearms. From our impressive lineup of some of the planet’s most innovative guns, we bring you the RDB. Before bullpups, standard battle or self-defense rifles have been managed in tight spaces by drastically shortening their barrels, which sacrifices bullet performance and usually comes with a hefty tax and waiting period for civilians. The RDB appeals to two groups of firearm lovers: those who chose the RDB series rifles for personal defense in the home and those who rank compactness high on their list when shopping for a self-defense, hunting or recreational rifle with a short overall length that doesn’t sacrifice barrel length. The KelTec RDB has a rugged design that can handle anything you throw at it.

The History of the RDB

RDB means Rifle, Downward-ejection, Bullpup, which describes the weapon’s main, unique feature. This semi-automatic, bullpup rifle was designed by KelTec’s founder, George Kellgren, and made its way to the market in 2015. His intentions were simple: incorporate the mechanisms of a standard rifle into a smaller-sized platform and improve on the shortcomings of previous bullpup designs.

With these simple goals, he succeeded in redefining the trigger system of bullpups and making the firing experience the same for both left- and right-handed users. Since its release, the series has grown to present four primary variants, including the original and popular RDB17 as well as the RDB Defender, RDB Hunter, and RDB Survival.

Features of the RDB

The RDB is built to create a better overall semi-automatic rifle experience, thanks to its very short overall length, excellent balance while maintaining standard barrel lengths and a behind-the-trigger (bullpup) action. The barrel is threaded ½ 28, as you would find standard on most AR15 models, but features a 45 degree safety, not commonly found in most combat or defensive rifle options. RDB Hunters have 20.5 inch barrels built into a 30.4 inch overall length. This is quite impressive when you consider that most over the counter AR15s have 16-inch barrels and are generally 37 inches long but cannot match the 5.56/.223 ballistic advantage of the RDBs.

One of RDB’s most significant features is the adjustable gas system. RDB users can easily alter the amount of gas blowback which allows for minimum recoil while maintaining cyclic reliability. The adjustable gas system also makes the RDB the perfect suppressor host. With its Picatinny rails top and bottom, you’ll have plenty of accessory options to choose from to customize the RDB for your needs. .

Bullpups of the 80s through the 90s are known for their underwhelming triggers. Many of the most experienced gun enthusiasts couldn’t tell a significant difference between their pull weights. The KelTec RDB squashes that reputation with a 4½ lb trigger and 1:7 twist barrel that comes standard in all four variants. The trigger has an excellent take-up and clean break, making it incredibly smooth. If hunting is your thing and you would love to improve the convenience of carrying a compact rifle slung over your shoulder, then the sling mount and kit is a great added value..

Why Should You Consider the RDB?

Let’s summarize…

 RDBs are famous for being compact and engaging. They’re ideal for gun lovers of any stature, because of their natural balance point and easy maneuverability. The design is ideal for just about any shooting discipline or lifestyle activity, from hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, backpacking, competitive shooting and any outdoor adventure to the practicality of home defense and tactical use. RDBs are among our favorites because of their accuracy, superior ballistics over the standard AR15, shorter overall length, modularity, excellent trigger, ambidextrous controls & ejection and perfect balance.

Regardless of your favorite discipline, theRDB series has a rifle to match your needs. The RDB Survival is suited for firearm enthusiasts with a soft spot for light weight, but has no intention of sacrificing velocity. And, if you are a hunter, you will love the traditional stock assembly and cross-bolt safety of the RDB Hunter. With a collapsible stock and M-LOK handguard, the RDB Defender is for those who require a more tactical approach and the RDB17 is a great baseline for all the above. 

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KelTec is the foremost manufacturer of high-performance firearms in the United States. Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to providing qualified citizens and law enforcement personnel with weapons and accessories for self-defense, duty and recreation. The RDB reflects our expertise in firearm design and production for all classes of gun enthusiasts and a commitment to creating a safe environment for all U.S. citizens.

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