KelTec Spotlight: Sport Utility Pistols

Sport Utility Pistols are becoming increasingly popular among gun owners for their versatility. Typically S.U.P.s are large-frame handguns that are adaptable for hunting, recreational shooting and particularly personal defense. They primarily fill the gap between rifles and traditional handguns used for concealed carry and are often fitted with a pistol brace and scope or red dot optic.

Our team at KelTec loves to help our customers find the best platform for all their needs. We offer a great selection of sport utility pistols for a variety of uses. 


Although the Sub2000 is technically a carbine, it is by far the most popular sport utility firearm in our catalog. The SUB2000 magazine compatibility with common carry pistols makes it ideal in filling the gap between handguns and rifles. While it’s technically not a pistol, it does shoot pistol cartridges. This carbine is very lightweight and it folds in half, making for more compact storage in a vehicle or trail bag. It picks up where other handguns leave off and is quick to deploy when you need it in an emergency.


The PLR22 is a featherweight semi-automatic pistol that is excellent for small game hunting, plinking with the family and any general .22 long rifle purpose. These pistols weigh approximately 3 lbs. unloaded, accepts the common Atchisson .22lr magazines and it can be braced for excellent stability.


If you’re looking for more ballistic power in the same platform as the PLR22, the PLR16 is definitely the Sport Utility Pistol for you. This long-range pistol comes with a 10 round lead dispenser, but it is compatible with most popular AR-15 magazines. The rounds offer more capability than their .22lr counterpart and this firearm is the bridge between a 5.56 rifle and a pistol caliber handgun. To get the most out of your PLR22 and PLR16 options, visit our website for accessories such as brace adapters, compact forends and much more. 


The P50 is an excellent addition to the Sport Utility Pistol family. This extremely unique handgun fires the very versatile 5.7x28mm rifle cartridge and utilizes the FN PS90 ten or fifty round magazines. Like most rifle caliber handguns, this pistol could play a role in personal defense or easily set up for hunting. Due to capacity, accessory options, accuracy and range, the P50 checks just about every utility pistol box. The nine inch barrel offers excellent ballistics and the picatinny rails give you plenty of accessory space to set it up for your personal needs. If you’re looking for something much more compact than the PLR16 or AR pistol offerings, this is the Sport Utility Pistol for you.

Find the Perfect Sport Utility Pistol With KelTec

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