KelTec Spotlight: SU16

The SU16 (Sport Utility) line of rifles are versatile and loaded with features. These go-anywhere utility rifles are chambered in 5.56 NATO. This is the same cartridge as the most common sporting rifle, the AR-15. The reliability is consistent with other KelTec firearms because of the dedication to keeping things light and simple. Gas piston operation helps minimize fouling while the long travel of the bolt carrier gives a smooth shooting experience. 

Lightweight And Loaded With Features

Think of your SU16 as the rifle to bring whenever weight and ability to be folded are beneficial. Are you going on a long hike where a heavy rifle is just too much hassle and inconvenience? At 5 pounds (unloaded), you can fold the SU16 and safely stow it in your backpack.


SU16 Features

    • Weight - 4.5 - 5 pounds unloaded*.

    • Stock holds two proprietary 10-round magazines.

    • Forend covers an 18.5" or 16” barrel, doubles as a bipod.

    • Adjustable Sights.

    • Integrated Picatinny-style rail (Optic Mounting).

    • Foldable/Collapsable - Easy to Store.

    • Magazine Capacity - 10 or more (AR-15 Compatible).

    • Folded/Collapsed Length - 24.9 - 32 Inches*.

    • Overall Length - 35.5 - 37.4 Inches*.

    • Trigger Pull - 5-7 pounds*.

*Exact Specification For the 7 SU16 Models Available On KelTec Website.

So Many SU16 Models - What Do You Choose?

There are 7 different models of the SU (Models A, B, C, CA, D9, D12, and E). While SU16 rifles are not combat rifles, the piston system offers excellent reliability in dusty or otherwise harsh conditions. You can generally use any 5.56 or .223 ammunition. The most popular SU16 model is the Charlie model. This SU16C has an underfolding stock that clears 5, 10, 20, and even 30 round magazines. This allows you to deploy and use the rifle in a compact configuration. 

Get The KelTec That’s Right For you

In the end, there are different firearms for different purposes. These tools help you accomplish several types of shooting. Short distance indoor range shooting requires certain tools, while longer distance outdoor circumstances require a completely different approach. The SU16 line of rifles is reliable, versatile, and lightweight. Standard firepower without the heavy weight helps you mold an SU16 to fit your needs. Learn which KelTec is right for you at

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