KelTec Spotlight: SU22

Protecting yourself and your family is an absolute priority. If you’re looking for an extremely light, easy-to-manage .22 rifle, KelTec has a great option with the SU22 model. This gun has all the features you need for daily use and offers a range of special options that will appeal to a broad range of shooters. Whether you're a first-time gun owner or just looking for an extra gun to add to your collection, you’re sure to enjoy the SU22 from KelTec.

A Versatile Gun for Everyday Use

Because of the low recoil, relatively quiet muzzle report, streamlined form factor, and light weight, the KelTec SU22 is ideal for new shooters. There are a few configuration  options that ensure you can find a version of the SU22 that suits your style. Cleaning this gun is surprisingly simple as there are a limited number of parts that need to be disassembled, making it easy to reassemble after cleaning.

Standard Magazines and Carrying Options

The SU22 is thoughtfully designed to use standard AR-22 magazines, so for those of you that own another semi-auto .22 rifle, you don't have to invest in additional magazines. This allows for a greater flexibility when you're on the range or enjoying a day of hunting in the field. You can easily swap between guns that use the standard AR-22 mags and keep your loadout as light as possible as you travel.

Perfect for Tactical Training Without Added Complexity

Training with a tactical carbine can present an ammo cost challenge. With the SU22, you're still getting a similar training experience as you would with an AR platform -- just with a more moderate recoil and lower operations cost. This can also help you spend more time enjoying your training and building confidence in your fundamentals. There’s not as much stress and hearing fatigue when training with .22lr platforms.

All Skill Levels Enjoy the SU22

The KelTec SU22 is an extremely well-balanced and accurate firearm, making it ideal for anything from small game hunting to bullseye practice to tactical training. Additionally, the Charlie Model offers an underfolding stock, allowing you to break it down into a packable size that allows you to conveniently travel with the rifle. All models of this rifle fold, but the Charlie Model is the only version that allows you to shoot while the rifle stock is folded.

Find the KelTec Firearm That's Perfect For You

KelTec is one of the top high-performance firearm manufacturers in the United States. You can trust that this innovative and thoughtful design will provide you with years of protection and enjoyment. KelTec is proud to have pioneered concealed carry handguns for qualified citizens, law enforcement and military personnel. We have designed a wide range of handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Our mission is to create innovative, quality firearms to help secure your world.

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