KS7 Accessories Your Gun Needs

Gun technology has evolved over the years to take the average user’s build and strengths into consideration. This helps to accommodate a broader user base. This was the idea behind crafting the KelTec KS7 shotgun. The shorter bullpup design shifts the center of gravity backward, making it less tiresome to handle compared to its more extensive cousins.

The KS7 has become a favorite and a self-defense staple in homes for being one of the most comfortable shotguns. As a stand-alone firearm, the KS7 delivers exceptionally and reliably. However, the right accessories can make the shotgun even more pleasing to handle, shoot, and maneuver.

Extended Butt-Pad

ksg-extended-butt-pad-pn_KSG-810-930x990The ideal posture while holding the KS7 demands that the shotgun’s butt rests against the shoulder pocket of your dominant arm, serving as a cushion for the 12 gauge recoil. Recoil from the KS7 can be intense, particularly for new users using heavy shotgun loads.

The KS7’s light weight makes the felt recoil more obvious. Purchasing an extended butt-pad will significantly reduce the felt recoil from heavy target loads or slugs, thereby improving handling.

The butt-pad is made from Sorbothane, a synthetic viscoelastic material also utilized in running shoes capable of absorbing nearly 95% of shock energy. We highly recommend the butt-pad; they provide the perfect stability for additional shots. Watch this video to learn how to install the extended butt-pad.

Picatinny Rail

Aside from the universal love of firearms, shooters have a variety of preferences in their guns -- which is why KelTec has developed multiple accessories to support unique needs. Some prefer the compactness of the Picatinny rail, and others are more in tune with the provided carry handle and fiber optic front sight. The KS7-1142 rail kit comes with the Picatinny rail, an Allen key, a tube of blue Loctite, two washers, and a heat shield. This is a great accessory option for those that prefer to run flip-up sights or a quality optic.

Despite its small size, you can attach your preferred weapon light, optics, and other accessories to the top rail and any of the built-in M-LOK slots. If you fancy a lower profile and more compact KS7 for easy storage and maneuvering, go for the Picatinny rail.

Magazine Tube Extension


Do you find the base firepower of the KS7 too restrictive? Or do you find packing extra ammo for your hunting expedition too burdensome? The KS7 magazine tube extension allows for an additional three to four shells, depending on the shell size. The KS7 magazine tube extension kit comes with the extension, an aluminum follower and a spring. You do not need a gunsmith to assemble the parts as it is installation friendly.


YouTube Thumbnail Image for installation video

Watch this magazine tube extension installation video for the how-to.


Aluminum Follower

Although there’s nothing inherently troublesome about the stock follower that comes in the KS7, the aluminum follower does have its benefits. It allows the KS7 user access to the magazine tube for cleaning without disassembly and the bright orange anodizing makes the follower easier to see in low light situations. 

Carrying Case

The KelTec carrying case is a nondescript case for gun and accessory transportation and storage. Lacking any obvious advertising might put nervous neighbors at ease. The medium and large sizes are more suited for the KS7.



M-LOK Magpul

Magpul has long since been recognized as one of the industry’s leaders in innovation. Their patented mounting solution is a game changer and the standard accessories mounting system for the U.S. military. The Magpul606 is ideal for slings fitted with QD adapters and the 605s are an excellent mounting option for lights. We have a Magpul for every M-LOK and Picatinny-compatible accessory.

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