KSG Spotlight: Most Innovative Gun of This Century

When we introduced the KSG in 2011, it completely redefined the tactical, pump-action shotgun industry. While our KSGs come in various designs, capacities and features, all of our shotguns are chambered for 3 inch shells and fire a variety of projectiles. They all feature downward-ejection and are completely ambidextrous.


The KSG marked our first entry into the 12ga shotgun market, so it was only a matter of time before we redefined it. By redefining, we mean setting a new standard for overall length versus magazine capacity.

Simply put, this multipurpose shotgun is legal in all 50 states and holds 6+6+1 shells — or 7+7+1 based on the shell length — in a 26.1 inch overall package. That’s right; the KSG holds a ton of ammo for a gun that’s just over two feet long. It also comes standard with an 18.5 inch, smoothbore barrel and Picatinny-style rails to mount your desired accessories.


Seen as one of the most innovative guns of this century by the firearms manufacturing community and consumers alike, the KSG delivers in terms of features. Here are some of them.

Bullpup Design with Impressive Firepower-Mobility Ratio

The bullpup design of the KSG is perhaps its most revolutionary feature. The KSG family of shotguns ranges in length from slightly shorter to drastically shorter than most tactical shotguns on the market. Even more impressive is how much extra capacity you get from it. It does not  however, compromise on the projectile velocity you’re likely used to. Additionally, we’ve made major tweaks to the bullpup design so that it loads and ejects from the bottom, making this gun fully ambidextrous.

Reliability of a Typical Shotgun

Pump-action shotguns are well known for their proven reliability, and the KSG family is no exception. We’ve eliminated variables like gas systems, so your shotgun stays low-profile, light and very clean — even after hundreds of shells downrange. Simply put, our pump-action puts reliability and power in the hands of the end user.

Incredible Size-Capacity Ratio

With its short appearance and feel, the KSG masks its impressive capacity and versatility quite well. It boasts not one but two magazine tubes that hold a remarkable number of shells. The manual selector lever also allows for on-the-fly speed reloads and/or payload changes. You can rest assured that this pump-action 12ga will give you lots of options.

Aftermarket Support

There is a ton of aftermarket support available to tailor the KSG to meet your needs, making this a very versatile shotgun. You can add an assortment of accessories to upgrade it for just about any application.


The KSG incorporates more firepower in a much shorter package than the average home defense shotgun. Several of its applications are:

  • The KSG is a solid option for recreational use in sports and hunting;
  • We have a choke adapter available for the KSG to make it more suitable for bird hunting;
  • Hikers, campers and adventures can load up the KSG with slugs for protection;
  • The KSG is easy to wield out in the field or tote around in and out of a boat or vehicle;
  • The KSG can fit in or on most hiking packs, making it great for outdoor adventures;
  • The KSG is excellent for home defense — its relatively short length and greater capacity give you more firepower vs. mobility than your standard home defense shotgun.

Overall, the KSG is an incredibly versatile shotgun, suitable for many different situations.

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