Mastering the Gas System: RDB and RFB

The gas system in the RDB and RFB are specifically designed to benefit the shooter’s experience in a number of ways. 


Not all ammo is the same; even rounds of the same caliber won’t necessarily act similarly when fired. The chamber pressures that different ammunition brands produce can vary enough to influence accuracy and overall shooting experience. That’s why an adjustable gas system is so beneficial. 


Mastering the gas system of your RDB or RFB is important to build both the consistency and efficiency of your shooting, as well as build your confidence. First, it is best to gain or clarify a baseline understanding. 

What Is A Gas System?

In the gas system, gas from a round travels inside the barrel and is used for a few purposes, ultimately resulting in a newly chambered round. The gas system for the RDB and RFB is a short stroke piston system which sits inside a gas head. The end of this gas head has a vent that can be opened or closed, allowing you to control and regulate chamber pressure.

Why Have A Gas System?

Why have a gas system like this? The number one benefit is ammunition reliability. Regulating the gas expelled gives the rifle a consistent cycle from round to round. A by-product of that reliability can be reduced recoil when the rifle is tuned for a particular ammunition or run with a suppressor.

Mastering The Gas System The KelTec Way

***Important Note*** 

Start with an empty gun AND empty magazine. Follow all range safety rules at all times.


Step 1 - Test

  • Close the gas vent off by rotating it clockwise until it bottoms out.
  • Open the gas vent by rotating it counterclockwise 12 clicks.
  • Load a single round into a magazine.
  • Load the rifle.
  • Fire the round.

Step 2 - Interpret Results

Scenario 1: Bolt locks to the rear


-Open the gas vent counterclockwise by an increment of 2. Repeat the process until the bolt fails to lock back on an empty magazine.


-When it fails to lock back, close the vent by rotating it clockwise 4 clicks (Results may vary, so check your setting with one more single round).


-If the bolt locks to the rear, load several rounds and fire them to ensure reliability with that particular ammunition. You might need to close the vent 1 or 2 more clicks as ammunition pressures can vary from round to round.


Scenario 2: Bolt does not lock to the rear


-Empty magazine. Gas set at 12 clicks open. Close the gas vent by rotating it clockwise 2 clicks and repeat the single round firing process. 


-Continue the firing process, closing the vent by increments of 2 clicks until the bolt locks to the rear on an empty magazine. 


-Since ammunition pressures and other environmental factors cause variables, rotate the gas vent clockwise (closing the vent) until your rifle cycles your particular ammunition reliably.

The KelTec Advantage

The KelTec gas system for the RDB and RFB provides an unparalleled experience. This shooting experience gives the advantage of reduced recoil and the ability to use different brands of ammo reliably and the RDB and RFB rifles make a great suppressor host. The ability to dial in the gas system to your preference gives you the freedom and flexibility to shoot how you want to. Check out KelTec to learn more about enhancing your shooting experience. You can also watch the video below for visual instructions. 



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