PMR30/CMR30 Accessories your Gun Needs

Owners of the PMR30 and CRM30 know that range time with these offerings is fun for the whole family. While one of these is a pistol and the other is a carbine, both firearms use .22WMR ammunition. Although they are both out-of-the-box ready for the range, the following KelTec accessories will make your experience more efficient.

Magazine Speed Loaders

One of the most essential accessories for any PMR30 or CMR30 is a magazine speed loader. This is a time saver AND a thumb saver. It quickly, and properly loads all 30 rounds in the magazine, avoiding potential malfunctions due to rim-lock and cartridge damage. It even doubles as an unloader.

Spare Magazines

Spare magazines are a great addition to these firearms. The PMR30 and CMR30 have larger magazine capacities than other guns in their class, but nobody ever complained about having too much ammunition… until it's time to load the magazines. Extra magazines combined with the speed loader will give you more time on target and less time working out those thumbs.

Soft Cases

When you transport or store your PMR30 or CMR30, you want to keep it protected. A soft case will keep your firearm and range supplies secure until you need them. 

Aftermarket Upgrades

There are many aftermarket companies that make excellent products for the PMR30 and the CMR30. Two of the most notable ones that we partner with are M-CARBO and Tandemkross

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If you want to take your PMR30 or CMR30 to the next level, be sure to take advantage of these accessories. With a magazine speed loader to save you time and effort, spare magazines to keep your ammunition at the ready, cases to protect during transport, and aftermarket upgrades to enhance your firearm’s performance, the sky's the limit. Find the accessories that work best for you and start having more fun with your firearms today.

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