COCOA, FL, APRIL 8, 2020
KelTec engineer, Toby Obermeit is working with the Medical University of South Carolina to make improvements to their S.A.F.E. Mask design as well as creating a variety of additional cartridge options. These designs will be publicly available to help fill the immediate needs of healthcare and first responders everywhere. The masks, when used with the correct filters, can be of N99 quality, are reusable, and currently feature replaceable Roomba® Filters.

“After Toby studied the original S.A.F.E. filter cartridge design, he then optimized it by making it faster and easier to print” said Marketing Manager, Matt Stanek. “He submitted this improved design to MUSC, and officials at the University were so impressed that they asked for help with the next generation mask design”.

The original design required cutting and gluing a HEPA filter, however the new designs utilize various Roomba® Filters, making them much easier to assemble.

“We’ve accomplished a lot.” said Obermeit. “We’ve made improvements to the mask itself, as well as created multiple cartridges which take different types of filters. There is even a mask design that has an integrated filter cartridge.”

KelTec, meanwhile, quickly repurposed their 3D printers for the N99 quality masks to supply local hospitals.

“Caring about each other, our families and neighbors is in our DNA,” concluded Sales Director, Derek Kellgren. “These are difficult times and we have friends, family members, neighbors and customers on the front lines. We’re just glad we can be of some help, given how much they’re helping us and our communities.”

KelTecTM, known for innovation and performance, is one of the top firearms manufacturers in the world, employing nearly 300 American citizens, many of whom are Veterans.

Links for printing S.A.F.E. Cartridge System and Mask designs:

Original S.A.F.E. Mask Design
Optimization of Filter for Original Design
Next Generation Mask Design
New Designs for Roomba HEPA Filters, Mask Built-in



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