COCOA, FL, APRIL 26, 2019 – Designed as an accurate, easy-to-handle competition handgun, the new KelTec™ CP33™ .22LR pistol is rapidly proving itself to be a fun, friendly competition option, for friends, family members and those seeking to make range time a lot more competitive.

Its adjustable fiber optic sights with a long sight radius and 5.5” threaded barrel are just a few CP33 qualities that help shooters hit long-range bullseyes, shot after shot. Its smooth, single-action, 4-pound trigger pull and light recoil contribute mightily to accuracy, as well.

“This is a great pistol for building shooter confidence,” said Matt Stanek, Marketing Manager. “With two 33-round magazines included, it’s much easier to practice and improve your skills without the typical stoppages after 10 rounds.”

The CP33 competition pistol is also equipped with a MAGPUL® M-LOK® slot built into the dust cover for mounting a quality light and a 19-slot Picatinny style rail from sight to sight for mounting optics. Because it also features an ambidextrous heel catch magazine release, safety and unique charging handle at the back of the receiver, lefties don’t lose out at all.

Chambered for affordable .22LR ammunition, the CP33 pistol also makes range time less expensive than purchasing more expensive caliber ammo. Moreover, with a captive recoil spring and single push-out pin disassembly, maintenance and cleaning between shooting sessions is easy.

KelTec is widely known for innovation and performance, as the quality, reliability and accuracy of the new CP33 competition pistol prove. It’s also available from your KelTec dealer and, for those law enforcement personnel looking to make your training regimen more fun, from a KelTec H.A.L.O. dealer.

“The CP33 pistol is a much needed update for the .22 target shooter,” concluded Stanek. “It’s also a great way to enjoy a day of fun, exciting, affordable and friendly range competition.

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