COCOA, FL – KelTec is now officially shipping the KSG410, the latest in its innovative line of heralded KSG Shotguns, with availability expected through KelTec dealers and distributors before Thanksgiving. 

“The 410 is a KSG family sidekick with no kick. It’s virtually recoilless by any pump-action shotgun standards we could find,” said Brand Specialist, Chad Enos. ”It's perfect for hunting, training, and plinking with friends. The new KSG410, like the rest of the shotgun line, is an ambidextrous, downward-ejecting bullpup making it an ideal option for southpaws. 

“Like all KelTec shotguns,” added Adrian Kellgren, Director of Industrial Production, “it’s true to the family tradition of producing reliable, high quality, one-of-a-kind firearms at an affordable price.” 

At just over 1.5 inches wide, this slim, compact new KSG houses a barrel and two magazine tubes with a 5+5+1 capacity of 3” shells. 

Weighing only 5.4 pounds, the KSG410 is also very light and easy to handle. Like its big brothers KSG and KS7, it’s also only 26.1 inches long, keeping pesky short-barrel shotgun paperwork at bay. 

“This is the lightest, thinnest and shortest 410 bullpup shotgun in the world,” concluded Marketing Manager, Matt Stanek. “It’s shipping now, complete with the out-of-the-box, fiber-optic sighting system of our KS7.” 

KelTec, well known for innovation and performance, is one of the top firearms manufacturers in the world, employing over 300 American citizens, many of whom are Veterans. 

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