COCOA, FL, AUGUST 10, 2019 – KelTec™ Shooting Team Captain Joe Easter, representing the United States through USPSA, won Silver in the Standard Division of the 2019 IPSC Rifle World Shoot, August 3-10 in Karlskoga, Sweden.

The IPSC competition brings the globe's best shooters together in the highest level of competitive rifle shooting in the world. It consists of 30-stages over 6 days, in which the shooter’s accuracy, agility, speed and firearm are put to the test. The Standard Division is considered the purest form of the rifle competition as competitors are only allowed to use iron sites with no option for optical scopes or support devices. Just the marksman and his rifle.

“Joe not only won Silver, bumping out 86 other competitors,” said Matt Stanek, Marketing Manager, “but finished 49th overall out of the 503 global professional marksmen who competed against him.”

Equally significant, however, was the win for the KelTec RDB™ bullpup rifle in a field that is traditionally dominated by AR-15s. Joe chose a 24” barrel RDB for the competition, confident that his abilities, paired with the balanced, compact rifle, would give him the advantage he needed.

“It ran 100%. Any misses I had were entirely me,” said Joe Easter. “The only time I touched my backup rifle was to confirm zero before the competition started.”

The bullpup platform provided him a few competitive advantages, being that the competition is all about accuracy and speed. Competitors need to quickly move through the stages, but if they’re missing targets, they’re not getting points. Because of the RDB's relatively lightweight and compact package, Easter was able to maneuver through challenging tight spaces quickly to set up, take aim and hit is targets with great efficiency.

“This setup is the most accurate I’ve ever fired,” said Easter. “Everything is compact while giving you the ballistic advantage of a full-length barrel without the long-range issues you can encounter with short-barrel rifles.”

KelTec is widely known for innovation, such as redefining the bullpup platform in the form of quality and performance. The RDB™ and RFB™ bullpups both feature a smooth, crisp trigger, something very uncommon for this style of rifle.

“Their ambidextrous ejection and adjustable gas systems provide customization and no-fuss shooting for competition shooters, hunters and weekend plinkers alike,” concluded Stanek.

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