COCOA, FL – KelTec is shipping the new R50 Defender carbine and P50 Rifle Kit, both companions to the innovative 5.7x28mm platform. They’re available through dealers and distributors, and the Rifle Kit, offered as a P50 accessory, is also available at 

“Like many of our rifles, the R50 Defender is ideal for small game hunting, home defense or just enjoying the envy of your friends at the range,” said Managing Director, Derek Kellgren. “Especially if five-seven velocity is your thing.” The 9.6 inch, threaded barrel and optic mounting option gives you everything you need for maximum speed, accuracy and power downrange. 

The R50 Defender carbine also features a side-folding stock that rests nicely on either side of the grip. When folded for compact storage, the overall length is only 16.4 inches, including the ½ x 28 threaded barrel. While it comes with utility sights that are adjustable for windage and elevation, the R50 and P50 series receivers offer 

over 7 inches of picatinny rail space up top for mounting almost any optic or accessory you choose. Two inches of bottom rail space is ideal for light and foregrip options. 

“We introduced the P50 platform in honor of our 30th Anniversary,” added Adrian Kellgren, Director of Industrial Production, “The R50 carbines are a reliable extension of heritage and commitment to high quality, one-of-a-kind firearms at an affordable price.” 

KelTec also added the new P50 Rifle Kit as an accessory for its highly touted P50 pistol, a stock accessory for existing P50 owners that converts the P50 into a short-barrel rifle after the proper government forms are filed and approved. 

“There are firearms created to be practical and firearms made to be cool,” concluded Marketing Manager Matt Stanek. “The R50 is both practical and cool.” 

KelTec, well known for innovation and performance, is one of the top firearms manufacturers in the world, employing over 300 American citizens, many of whom are Veterans. 

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