RFB Accessories Your Gun Needs

While the bullpup has been around for about 120 years, the KelTec RFB (Rifle Forward-ejecting Bullpup) first debuted at SHOT Show in 2007. Since that time, KelTec has refined this firearm to make it stand out as a solid choice for a variety of purposes.

The Features

A bullpup is any type of firearm with the action placed behind the trigger. They can come in the form of a shotgun, rifle, or submachine gun. In KelTec’s case, the RFB is a rifle. The placement of the action between the trigger and stock means the firearm is shorter in length, making it versatile for handling indoors, outdoors, or even in urban environments. Unlike some shorter-barrelled firearms, there is no compromise in distance accuracy or muzzle velocity.

The RFB has a trigger pull weight of 5 pounds and contains KelTec’s specially designed trigger linkage box. As a result, the firearm has a smooth trigger performance due to systematic routing. The RFB, unlike many other bullpups on the market, is completely ambidextrous. KelTec specifically designed a forward-ejection system that dispenses empty cases from a front-facing tube rather than to the side, making the firearm adaptable for both right and left-handed operators.

The RFB is available in both 18 and 24-inch barrel versions. It weighs 8 pounds naked and empty, is hefty enough to feel like a solid piece of battle gear, but light enough to maintain versatility and balance.

The Accessories

There are a wide variety of firearms accessories on the market. Here, we break down a few accessories that we think make the perfect additions to the KelTec RFB.


No rifle is complete without the addition of an aiming device. The RFB is ready for quality optics and optic mounts. The top rail is long enough for almost any optic, while an optional picatinny barrel shroud can accommodate lights and other accessories.

Warne Scope Mounts makes fantastic products that can be mounted on nearly any firearm. Their optic mounts along with a quality optic are an excellent addition to the RFB.

Vortex Optics is a highly recommended choice. They offer a wide variety of optics and they provide amazing customer service. In order to gain the best performance out of your RFB, incorporate a quality optic.

Weapon-Mounted Lights

If you intend to use the RFB in a defensive role, a primary weapon-mounted light is a must. Installing a firearms-mounted light source allows you to identify a threat vs a non-threat. Responsible gun ownership includes proper identification of your potential target.

Surefire lights and  mounts are a proven and excellent choice. These lights and mounts are tough and reliable, and they have been deployed with military units around the world for decades. Typically Surefire products are a little more expensive than their counterparts in the industry, however their products have proven themselves worthy of the toughest conditions time and time again. Remember that you’ll need a 3 inch quad rail to mount the light onto your RFB18, or the 9 inch quad rail on the RFB24 if you need more real estate. Surefire does however make excellent 45 degree mounting solutions if you don’t want or need a quad rail system. This allows for top rail mounting if you have space for it. 

Fun Accessories

Aside from standard accessories, there are a few fun accessories out there for the KelTec RFB. Try the cheek rest. You don’t need any tools to install it; the cheek rest just snaps onto the rear cover. The addition of the cheek rest helps keep your face off of bare metal which eliminates heat, cold and oil transfer between your face and the receiver cover.

If long-range shooting is your goal, try a quality bipod. Bipods offer an excellent shooting platform in the prone position.

If you have long arms, try butt-pad spacers to increase the pull length of your RFB by up to 1.5 inches. Compensators, flash hiders and suppressor adaptors are all great accessory options as well. The RFB comes standard with a ⅝-24 muzzle thread pitch.

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