Shotgun Accessories Your Gun Needs

Are you doing your shotgun justice by investing in the right accessories? You might be surprised at how drastically just a few well-chosen accessories can take your shooting game to the next level. Our dedicated firearms experts at KelTec have spent a decade perfecting shotgun accessories that will help you stay safe while shooting as accurately as possible. Check out our top suggestions for accessories that will help you improve your aim, accuracy, and overall shooting technique the next time you hit the range.

Quality Sights

One of the best ways to ensure that you are practicing optimal firearm safety is to upgrade your optics. You need to be able to aim at your target with the utmost accuracy and confidence, which means investing in high-quality sights or a suitable optic. Here at KelTec, we recommend Vortex Optics for their diverse range of effective products. Some of their most popular products include Red Dot Optics or reflex sights, which make it easier than ever to get on target quickly and effectively. While researching the best optics for your shotgun, keep in mind that the optic and mount you choose should be able to withstand shotgun recoil. For this reason, opt for a quality product that will  always be there when you need it most. A less expensive and good alternative is a set of quality iron sights, such as the offerings from Magpul. The MBUS and MBUS Pros can affordably keep you on target. 

Mounted Light

M600U-Z68-BK-isoR-1000x1000Once you’ve ensured that your shotgun has a quality sighting system, it’s time to invest in a weapon-mounted light. Having a light on your shotgun is beneficial for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most apparent advantage of a mounted light is target identification in a low light or no light situation. Target identification is absolutely imperative, regardless of your chosen personal defense or home defense firearm.

Beyond providing a positive ID, a mounted light gives you a split-second advantage in a self-defense scenario. The possibility of avoiding a deadly threat situation becomes greater when a threat is exposed. Surefire is well-known for their high quality lights that are made to last. Check out their vast collection of weapon lights that help you and your loved ones stay as safe and prepared possible. 

KSG Choke Adapter

When it comes to optimizing the KSG Bullpup Shotgun for personal defense, it’s a good idea to pick up a choke adapter. A choke adapter helps control the shot spread of buckshot or birdshot projectiles. The tighter the choke bore, the tighter the shot spread. When using birdshot or buckshot in a defensive situation, the objective is to get all of the projectiles on target. The average distance to your target and chosen loads will determine which choke will be ideal for your particular situation. If in a home defense situation, keep in mind that overspreading might cause collateral damage of your property, neighbors or loved ones. Knowing your shot spread is your responsibility, so determining your shotgun’s role, your ammunition selection, choke size  and the average distance your shot will travel is very important.  KelTec’s KSG Choke Tube Adapter allows you to set your shot pattern based on your specific needs and preferences.

Once you’ve determined the shooting distance and how tight your shot needs to be to hit your target effectively, you’ll be that much safer and responsible using a shotgun in a personal defense role. While the KelTec KSG choke adapter only accepts Winchester choke tubes, there are many choke options on the market for other brands such as Benelli, Browning, Carlson, Beretta and many more. Check your owners manual to find out if your shotgun accepts choke tubes and what brand is compatible with your particular model. 

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As one of the top high-performance firearm manufacturers in the United States, KelTec is proud to help you upgrade your shotgun with the best accessories available on the market today. With 30 years of valuable experience producing reliable, American-made firearms, our experts are pleased to offer a wide range of handguns, shotguns, rifles and essential accessories. We believe that by investing in quality optics, lights and choke tubes, you can drastically improve your target acquisition and safety. To learn more about our top shotgun accessories and discover our collection of firearms, give us a call at (321) 631-0068 today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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