The Best Firearms for Family Protection

Family protection using firearms is a topic that many people are passionate about. This is a right protected by the 2nd Amendment. Equipping yourself with the right tools and training helps keep your family safe from threats. The best type of gun to use and how to properly use it is essential to home protection. KelTec has two fantastic options for home family protection; when coupled with proper training, you can safely protect your family with confidence and reliability. 


Not taking it upon yourself to train properly leaves too much room for failure. For instance, simply using the wrong ammunition can make an already stressful situation more dangerous. Even further, a lack of training and mindset readiness will strip you of any confidence which will put your safety in jeopardy.  

Shotguns For Home Defense

Shotguns are an excellent choice for family protection in the home. It is also one of the most popular. They allow you to use the right ammo for your environment. Using slugs or buckshot in some cases, for example, would not be good if you are living in an apartment building or close proximity neighborhood. Birdshot might be the better option for your setting, especially if your neighbors are on the other side of your walls. Doing your research on this topic is very important. Collateral damage should be avoided at all costs while maintaining a prompt and successful defense. Remember, law enforcement is minutes away when seconds count. Be sure you can quickly stop a threat while maintaining the safety of others around you.  


In home defense, one of the most important aspects of the tool you use is reliability. If a firearm does not work properly, how can you entrust the safety of your family to it? Historically, a pump action is the more reliable firearm for 12 gauge shotguns. Eliminating variables such as gas systems is particularly important when dealing with the variety of shotgun loads on the market. Pump-action puts the reliability in the hands of the user.


KelTec’s flagship firearms for home and family protection are the KSG and KS7. These have become staple shotguns in the home defense role. The reliability and versatility of the final products show the amount of thought that went into the design and manufacturing.



The KSG was introduced in 2011 and totally changed the world of tactical, pump-action shotguns. The 4 variations (KSG, KSG25, KSG Tactical, KSG Compact) are chambered for 3” shells and fire a wide variety of projectiles. They’re all downward-ejecting and completely ambidextrous.


The KSG has the size and capacity to create advantages for home defense. It is 26.1 inches long and holds an impressive amount of ammo ( 6+6+1 or 7+7+1 depending on shell length). The short length makes maneuvering around corners and opening doors much easier and more effective because it is so important to stay on target as you maneuver and check your surroundings. With a firearm that is longer, grip must be broken or your muzzle must break the parallel plane when maneuvering and opening doors. The muzzle is always on target with a bullpup shotgun like the KSG.


No sighting system is included. But this makes the KSG customizable. You can pick your favorite reliable red dot or iron sights and have your home defense shotgun suit your particular needs.



The KS7 has a lot of the same benefits of the KSG with a few differences. Its 18.5 inch magazine tube holds 6+1 or 7+1 depending on your choice of shell size. Less ammo capacity creates the advantage of lighter weight. For smaller framed people that want a wieldable but powerful firearm for home defense situations, the KS7 is an awesome choice. 


A sighting system is included right out of the box as well. But the KSG top rail can also be used on the KS7 for mounting aftermarket optics. The KS7 carry handle comes standard and doubles as a sighting solution. It shoulders nicely and the fiber optic bead sight immediately catches the eye. 


Versatility is just another reason these shotguns are a no-brainer for family protection in the home. 

KelTec Firearms For Family Protection

KelTec developed the KSG and KS7 family of shotguns for the safety of you and your family. The reliability and versatility are unparalleled. Home protection is more streamlined and efficient with the shorter overall length they offer. Using a KSG or KS7 with proper training, the right ammo and defensive mindset is an excellent defense tool. The hope is avoiding a defensive situation, but not being prepared is not an option. Having the right tools to protect yourself is imperative. A KelTec firearm and proper training will equip you for success. 


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