Our Top 7 Concealed Carry Accessories

As the holder of a concealed carry permit, you know you should understand the regulations regarding carrying a firearm. Owning a concealed carry permit gives you a greater responsibility than someone who doesn't. Along with the knowledge and your weapon, you will need vital equipment necessary to safely use your gun should the situation require it. Here are the must have concealed carry accessories for both yourself and your vehicle.

Your Concealed Carry Permit

If you carry your firearm under your clothes or in a purse, or bag, you need to have your concealed carry permit with you. While this might be a no-brainer, forgetting your permit is a one-way ticket to losing your right to conceal carry, or even jail time. This is especially true if you have to use your gun in a situation.

A Weapon-Mounted Light

Keltec CL43 Flashlight The next thing you should have with you is a weapon-mounted light. This light should only be used in identifying the target you intend to shoot and not be used for searching or clearing an area. Everywhere you point that light, you will be aiming your firearm on something you may not intend to shoot. This is why it is vitally important to also have a handheld flashlight.

The reason you need a weapon-mounted light is for identification of your target. It could make the difference between keeping your family safe or accidentally shooting an unintended target. Misfortunes can happen. In 2014, a sheriff's deputy thought he heard someone breaking into his garage around 11 pm. He didn't have a flashlight and instead fired at the person trying to break into his property. Unfortunately, it was his daughter who had snuck out and managed to open the window into the garage upon her return. To his horror, he had shot her three times. Luckily, she survived her wounds, but she might not have been so lucky. If he had a weapon-mounted light, he might have identified her before making such a tragic mistake..

A Spare Full Magazine

Your firearm is only as useful as the amount of ammo you've brought. Nobody expects to unload an entire magazine, but sometimes situations are tense, and you may have more than one assailant. Having at least one spare magazine ready can save your life if you need to reload.

A Proper Holster

When you conceal carry, you’ll need a proper holster to make sure that your firearm stays where you need it and doesn't print under your clothing. Carrying your gun inside your waistband or in a place where your weapon can be dislodged is not only embarrassing but also very dangerous.

Ill-fitting holsters can be just as bad as having no holster, so be sure to find one that is made for your specific gun. The following are excellent manufacturers of trusted conceal carry holsters:

Cell Phone

A cell phone should always be a part of your concealed carry kit. You should have one on you to call 911 to get help as soon as possible should you need police or EMTs. Cell phones also have several other features that may be invaluable after an emergency. Use the camera to document your surroundings or record video of a rapidly changing circumstance. The flash can be used as a flashlight. And your emergency medical ID may help first responders save your life or contact family. 

A Secondary Handheld Flashlight

Your gun-mounted light is only used to confirm the identity of your target. It should never be used to search for someone or provide other light because you will be pointing your weapon's muzzle at unintended targets. Show good firearm discipline and never point your weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot. This is why you need a second flashlight. In non-life threatening situations, a simple flashlight can prove to be very useful. Keep flashlights accessible in both your vehicle and home. 

Vehicle Kit

As a concealed carry holder, you are often the first responder on a scene. This may include automobile accidents, stranded motorists, or other situations. In these instances, having the proper gear may save someone's life. You should carry the following items in your vehicle:

  • Med kit
  • Road Flares
  • Road Cones
  • Water
  • Sanitary Towels
  • Latex Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ear Protection

Always carry a medical kit and latex gloves in your vehicles. The medical kit can help save someone's life should you come across an accident. Be sure to get proper training on how to use the med kit so you know what to do.

You should always have cones and road flares as well, to alert other drivers of the potential hazard ahead and avoid another possible collision.

Above all, if you have questions about conceal carry, or the use of your firearm and accessories, contact your local gun store, they’ll be able to guide you selecting the right products and even connect you to trainers and training organizations. Be prepared and stay safe. 

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