Top Home Self-Defense KelTec Weapons for Women

Beyond the basic needs -- food, water and rest -- one of the most important human needs is safety and security. Feeling safe is a key component to leading a healthy life. With the right training and education, owning a firearm can significantly enhance one’s feeling of safety.

When considering buying a weapon, the most important aspects are its frame, the shooter’s skill, and how comfortable they are with their specific weapon. The most compact and lightweight guns are generally good options for women, although caliber choice is a factor. 

However, female shooters shouldn’t be afraid to try something different. Comfort and familiarity are crucial aspects where a weapon is concerned. Even Jessie Harrison, the first female shooter to obtain Grand Master status in the United States Practical Shooting Association, handles the same guns as everyone else. By taking the time to familiarize herself with her firearm, she is able to successfully compete and excel at shooting.

Here is a list of five excellent firearms for every woman interested in self-defense. As always, firearm training is a must to maintain optimal safety with your gun of choice at all times.

1. KS7

The KS7 is a smaller and lighter shotgun and what many people would want in their home for home defense. Because of its size, it’s perceived as a gun better suited for people with a smaller frame. However, because the gun is so light, felt recoil is something to consider. For this reason, the person using it should have a skill level that matches the recoil management of this shotgun. Although it is narrower and lighter than a KSG, a KS7 still shoots the same 12-gauge shells. Ammunition selection is a key component to both recoil management and effectiveness. 

2. RDB Defender

RDB Defenders are known to be ”handy” firearms. They are very light compared to other weapons in their category and are evenly balanced. If you prefer a rifle cartridge, the RDB Defender is your perfect match. Nevertheless, the main advantage of this gun is the gas piston system. This feature allows the user to tailor the bolt carrier speed to eliminate excessive recoil while running a suppressor and ensuring reliability for various loads. In other words, you get the best of both worlds with the RDB Defender.

3. CMR30

Want something a little different, but still a carbine? If so, the CMR30 is an excellent choice, especially because it is pistol-like in appearance and operation but can be shouldered like a long gun. It holds 30 rounds of .22 magnum in each of its two flush-fit magazines. Also, for it being a moderately powerful weapon, it is very lightweight -- around 5lbs -- and easy to use. A feature that beginners particularly appreciate is the minimal recoil of the .22WMR cartridge.

4. Sub2000

Another versatile firearm is the Sub2000. What could be more convenient than a full-sized pistol-caliber carbine that folds in half to easily fit into a backpack or bag? It is also very easy to disassemble without tools if needed. Yet another example of its versatility is the fact that the SUB200 has a variety of magazine configurations. This gun is the perfect balance between pistol ammunition and magazine compatibility.

5. PMR30

It’s often said that great things come in small packages, which is definitely the case with the PMR30. It’s incredibly lightweight, has a great trigger and packs a whopping 30 rounds in each magazine. It is a perfect match for those that are a little recoil-shy because it doesn’t have much. The PMR30 is a great defensive pistol, especially for those with little experience operating handguns. Even today, it is still one of the most innovative handguns on the market. The PMR30 can even be accessorized to each owner’s unique preferences.

With such a wide variety of guns available, it is important to test out any weapon you are considering purchasing before making your final decision. Be sure that the pistol has a comfortable grip, is the right size for you and meets your functional needs. Proper firearms handling and accuracy are the most important factors in deciding which pistol is best for you.

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