Concealed Carry In Your Vehicle Tips

Concealed carry permits are up around 34% over the past 4 years. Currently, there are about 20 million people in the United States with concealed carry permits. While some states require people to get permits to carry a concealed weapon, there are quite a few states that do not require permits.

Where are you most likely to carry your weapon? Probably in your car. Americans spend an average of 18 full days in their car each year. That amounts to 432 hours in the car! We have compiled a list of tips for concealed carry in your car. These tips are essential because of the amount of time we spend in our vehicles. We are a society on the move, especially if you are in a major city so keep these tips in mind for concealed carry in your vehicle.

Make Sure You Have the Right Training

If you plan to carry your weapon in your vehicle, you should get trained in vehicle interdiction. As concealed carry civilians, we sometimes overlook getting this type of training. We forget about how much time we spend in our vehicles. Vehicle Interdiction training teaches self-defense from your vehicle. Try to find a range or class that teaches this form of self-defense. A training class will get you the most practical experience and information.

If you have a difficult time finding a class at a range or gun store, seek the help of local law enforcement. They may know about classes or may even permit you to join one of their classes. Taking the time to get the proper training will help you be prepared if and when you ever need to use your weapon from inside or around your vehicle.

Be Proactive

Gun theft from cars has increased by as much as 70% over the past few years. The best way to avoid theft? Never leave your firearm in your vehicle. Avoid it at all costs. How do you make sure you can legally carry your gun with you? Get your concealed carry permit, so you can bring your gun with you when you get out of the car.

There are situations where you may have to leave your gun in your vehicle. If you do have to leave it in a vehicle, make sure you lock it in a proper lockbox that is made for firearms. If your car gets stolen, your gun will still be protected. Be proactive and protect your gun by putting it in a proper lockbox inside your vehicle when you are not inside of it.

Know Your Weapon

It is imperative that you know how to secure your gun before carrying it in your car or on your person. One critical thing to remember when stowing your pistol in your vehicle is its condition. Having a round in the chamber might not be a good idea while traveling, depending on the gun's retention and accessibility. 

Why is this important? If you get into a car accident, your pistol will no doubt dislodge and bounce around your vehicle if not properly secured. If the gun fires in the process, it might potentially hurt or kill someone and you, the gun owner will be liable. Having your vehicle firearms in a “cruiser ready” condition while driving is your safest option.

Keep it Secure

Security is important when it comes to firearms. While your firearm is in your vehicle, we recommend that it is 100% secure. This can be either in a biometric lockbox or other locking mechanism that allows you to quickly access your defensive firearm. Another option is a holster on your body with excellent retention. The method you choose will be what works best for you and your situation.

Your firearm needs to be secure but accessible. There are vehicle-specific products designed to keep your gun secure. If you are not using a product like a lockbox to keep your weapon secure, you should have your concealed firearm in a proper holster in the car.

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