Why does your gun malfunction?

Common Malfunctions 

Safe and effective firearm practices can never be overstated. Knowing some of the common gun failures and what causes them can help you avoid some headaches in the long run. Repetition and proper training is the best way to limit or overcome common recurring malfunctions.


Many factors play a role in firearm malfunctions. The most common culprit we see is inexperience. Everything from a weak grip to improper magazine loading can contribute. Professional training with frequent practice is every firearm owner's responsibility. 

Improper Magazine Loading

This may seem like a non-issue to experienced firearm owners. However, inexperienced firearm owners have trouble loading magazines, particularly rimmed cartridges like .22lr and .22 WMR. Proper magazine loading isn’t thoroughly taught on ranges so it makes sense that this is a common problem. It takes a certain amount of coordination, hand strength, and muscle memory if you’re not using a magazine loader. 

Improper Maintenance

Some shooters get lazy when it comes to maintenance. But it is crucial to maintain your personal defense firearm if you want to avoid the resulting gun malfunctions. A clean and properly lubricated firearm is essential to its reliability, especially with blowback or gas operated systems.


As propellant burns off inside the breech of a firearm, it creates debris, commonly known as fouling. When fouling collects, it can interfere with the internal parts that allow a gun to function safely and reliably. It’s imperative to clean this debris from your guns and oil them after each use to ensure that they last a lifetime. One of the most overlooked components is the magazine springs. Be sure to replace them as necessary.


While maintenance is not the most fun part of a gun owner’s responsibilities, it could save your life one day. 

Cheap Ammunition

Ammunition is the most important part of using the firearm. A gun is pretty much useless without it…unless you just want to look at the gun and never fire it. 


A reliable rule of thumb for ammunition is ‘you get what you pay for’. Much of the cheap or foreign ammo out there is not consistent. We do not recommend using foreign made, steel-cased, lacquer-coated, aluminum-cased, remanufactured, or reloaded ammunition. 


These rounds are typically manufactured to very poor standards or no standards at all. They will cause malfunctions and can even be considered dangerous. 


Stick with brass-cased high quality ammunition to eliminate your ammo as a variable.

So What’s The Solution?

There are two solutions that will help avoid all of these common gun failures. We can’t emphasize their importance enough. 


Quality Professional Training

Frequent Practice


As previously stated: Professional training with frequent practice is every firearm owner's responsibility. These tips are a good start to understanding how intricate gun failures can get. Whether you’re a responsible and experienced firearm owner or brand new to shooting, be sure to seek quality knowledge and training. This helps you stay sharp and maintain the best practices while being safe and responsible.


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