Why You Should Consider a Compact Rifle

There are situations where a compact rifle may be preferable over a traditional or standard long gun. For example, you may need to carry a rifle for long distances or want a balanced semi-auto option with less felt recoil. In the past, using a short, compact rifle meant you had to sacrifice velocity and power to accommodate the shorter barrel. However, there is a lightweight, American-made option that combines a short design with maximum power for a variety of situations.

When Compact Rifles Are the Best Choice

Small Game Hunting

When it comes to hunting small game, the size and caliber of your rifle is something to consider. If you enjoy small game hunting that might require mobility, a compact, lightweight rifle is a great alternative to a traditional long gun. Stowing one of these rifles in a small hunting pack is ideal, and with specific models weighing close to five pounds, tracking with such a design is less fatiguing. Climbing in and around undergrowth can also be challenging with a large, full-size rifle. A compact option such as a bullpup is less likely to get dropped or tangled up in brush.


Participating in rifle competitions is a great way to improve your shooting skills and meet great people. Competition days can be long, so you’ll want a rifle that is lightweight, but also accurate and well-balanced. Having something that is compact and accurate enough to compete at the top of your game is essential for success. Some matches require competitors to run to multiple shooting positions over natural terrain where a compact rifle becomes a tactical advantage rather than a burden.


Compact rifles are an excellent choice for hiking and wildlife defense scenarios. Smaller, lightweight rifles are easy to carry and store in or on a pack. These are important features for people constantly on the move in natural terrain. Having a rifle caliber or pistol caliber carbine in the back country is a key tool for survival and sometimes necessary to harvest a food source.

Home Defense

When a criminal invades a home, the homeowner might only have seconds to respond. The ability to quickly retrieve a home defense weapon and navigate to a tactical position smoothly is necessary to secure your safety and the safety of your loved ones. The goal is to engage a potential threat with agility and efficiency. A compact rifle offers that efficiency in tight quarters, through doorways and around corners all while keeping the business end and your weapon-mounted light towards the threat. 

Benefits of the KelTec RDB Compact Rifle

The RDB is a compact rifle with many features that make it a logical choice in critical situations. While these features may vary depending on the rifle’s make and style, these are the most popular...

Easy to Handle

The RDB is easy to manage in any position. The short length and light weight make it an excellent choice when you are on the move in competition, hiking the backcountry or while stalking your favorite game. 

Balanced Weight

The KelTec RDB series of rifles are bullpup designs, meaning the trigger is in front of the action. This design allows for a full-length barrel while maintaining a very short overall length which results in a balanced, easy to manage and versatile rifle.

Adjustable Gas System Reduces Recoil

Not only are the RDBs compact rifles, all variants offer an adjustable gas-piston system to reduce felt recoil and to allow the user to adjust for different loads or suppressor use while maintaining consistent reliability.

Fully Ambidextrous

Unlike most traditional rifles that eject shells to the side, all RDBs feature a unique downward ejection system that makes these rifles truly ambidextrous.

Where to Get the KelTec RDB: The Perfect Compact Rifle

KelTec is a leading manufacturer of pistols, shotguns and rifles. The RDB bullpup-style rifle is a unique weapon based on a European design perfected for the modern gun owner. Perfect for competition, hunting, survival and self-defense situations, the RDB runs 5.56/.223 rounds in a compact, well-balanced design. Learn more about the RDB and other Keltec weapons at www.keltecweapons.com or call us today at (321) 631-0068.

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