Why You Should Consider A Flashlight

Whether you own a firearm for hunting or self-defense purposes, one thing’s for sure: a flashlight is a necessary accessory for your weapon of choice. Not only does a flashlight limit the risk of shooting at the wrong target, but it can also act as a self-defense tool for the user. In a wide range of settings and situations, using a flashlight helps ensure the safest shooting experience possible.

With these benefits in mind, there’s no doubt that having a flashlight either on-hand or mounted on your firearm is a fantastic idea for all shooters. With 30 years of valuable experience creating outstanding firearms and reliable accessories for a variety of users, KelTec is proud to share the following information about the advantages of using a flashlight when shooting.

Easily Identify Your Target

The first — and most obvious — benefit of using a flashlight when shooting is that it illuminates your target, making it easier to identify. It may be tempting to think that flashlights are only useful in pitch-black darkness, but the truth is that it doesn't have to be midnight for your vision to be compromised while shooting. Even in the early evening, low light can make it more challenging to identify what you’re shooting at, which increases the chance of avoidable fatal accidents. Using a flashlight to illuminate your target before shooting largely eliminates the risk of shooting at the wrong target. Furthermore, a flashlight can be a huge help to deter threats. It gives users the time to determine how to best handle the situation at hand without resorting to shooting, if possible.

Our KelTec experts believe that proper firearm safety should be the top priority for every firearm owner. When using a firearm for self-defense purposes, it’s not uncommon for the user to experience a rush of adrenaline and emotion that can lead to clouded judgment. To mitigate these factors, use a flashlight before you shoot. This can effectively reduce the risk of a tragic accident wherever you use your weapon — especially at home. Take preventative measures against these unfavorable circumstances by using a flashlight with your firearm to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Buy Yourself Some Time

Yet another benefit of using a flashlight when shooting is that it can help protect users in self-defense situations. Usually, when self-defense with a firearm is necessary, the user only has a split second to decide what to do and how to defend themself and their family. In the same way a bright light makes a deer stop in its tracks, shining a flashlight on an intruder can make them stop because they are momentarily blinded or disoriented. This simultaneously buys the user a few extra seconds to evaluate the situation, identify the intruder, and decide how to proceed. In this way, a flashlight can help slow down what is already an unprecedented, nerve-wracking scenario.

Even when used without a firearm, a flashlight is a useful tool to get out of a potentially dangerous situation. Shining the light in someone’s face and using forceful voice commands can help stop harmful situations, all without the use of a gun. A flashlight could even be used as a weapon in self-defense, depending on its size. Especially if you don’t own a firearm, invest in a heavy-duty flashlight that can be used both to identify intruders and as a self-defense tool.

Discover KelTec’s Wide Range of High-Performance Firearms and Flashlights

As the nation’s top firearms manufacturer, KelTec produces high-quality guns and accessories that are suitable for self-defense and hunting purposes alike. Our team believes that when it comes to identifying your target and ensuring optimal self-defense, a flashlight is an indispensable tool for any user. To help our valued customers stay safe, KelTec offers a vast selection of flashlights that can either be mounted or kept on hand. To learn more about KelTec’s outstanding firearms, flashlights, and other accessories, simply visit our website today!

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